Energy Work

Julia's Energy Healing Session is an hour on a massage table, clothing stays on the entire session, touch is not necessary but may compliment the healing work. The modality is a blend of chakra harmonizing, balancing, clearing and various shamanic techniques to facilitate transitions, messages, manage pain, and boost immunity. The flow of the session is determined by the clients' needs; relaxation, energizing, centering, balancing, clearing and grounding are just a few intentions we may decide together.  
Julia's main intent is to hold space for you while your energy body does what it needs to do. You may not be aware how easy it can be to shift your energy and release blockages, repair leaks or process more energy for better vitality. A large part of the session is about learning your own unique way of processing and perceiving energy. Regardless of your level of awareness, being in sacred space with the mutual intent for your highest good always results in a positive experience. 

60 minute session includes general clearing, centering and balancing of the whole Energy Field.

After Energy Healing you may need more rest, water and food than you are used to. Your energy may take one good night of sleep or several days to shift into its new vibrational state.

Energy Healing is intended as complimentary to primary care, always consult your physician first. 

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