Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Transition: Strengthening of the Heart

The hearts of men are being challenged.
Know this and make a decision.

What does your own heart need, what
is this energy that is sweeping through
now and how does it affect you?

Women can support men in this transformation if men can receive it.
Learn how to support your own heart before you try to offer support to others.
What does "heart support" mean to you?

This fall transition has been very interesting. Typically I experience the shift through the elements; sweeping winds of change and the earth element of drawing down sap for the winter in the trees leaving us with a colorful show of orange, red and yellows. This fall has not been quite so elementally dramatic however quietly dramatic in a different way.

Let me back up, I have been "reading" my own tarot and dreams for well over 15 years and so as I see the signs in life I ask what is the deeper meaning here, and how are these things related? What's the message?

So as I heard of friends, friends of friends, having heart attacks, many resulting in death and all men, I paid attention. After the second and third time of anything, I really start to ask, what's going on here? Coincidence isn't a concept for me, synchronicity is really where I sink my teeth in. 
I recently heart the term Kairomancer I finally had a label for what I do and how I live. A kairomancer is someone who lives life by signs of synchronicity. Very helpful as I have been reading not only into card readings and dreams, I live by the signs.

The signs for this fall transition have been heart attacks in men. To me, this is a very clear sign that this heart challenging energy is sweeping through at this time to help us stand up, strengthen our hearts, or transition on. 

A couple years ago I recall at this time that two special older men who were Uncles to me passed away a couple weeks apart from each other. It was time. My teachers often comment how special it is to see another "new year" in the Spring, and so I take this Fall transition seriously. When the transition sweeps through, it is with force and compassion for those who aren't meant to journey through another Winter. 

So at this time, it may be potent and relevant for you to find some quiet time and ask your own heart, what does it need to be strengthened, what is this energy that is sweeping through now and how does it affect you? How can you "ride" it to sweep out detritus of the past in the heart?

This is also a very relevant time to connect with our ancestors who have gone before us, who want to support us. 
Setting up a Day of the Dead Altar to connect with your Ancestors has been a very powerful form of "heart support" for myself this year.  
Honoring Your Ancestors: Altar Building 

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