Friday, November 18, 2016

Be Blessed

What is a blessing? 
What does it mean to be "blessed" by someone? 

A blessing from another may be a wish of good will; intending gifts and good health. Receiving a blessing is considered a boon; extra cash, free food, a helping hand. Are you able to receive blessings? Sometimes we are in a place where we simply can not see the blessings in our lives, we are in the middle of some (unbeknownst to us) lesson, and maybe one we thought we learned before.

Being human isn't easy, most often if you wait long enough, the lesson is the blessing. 

My teachers said don't hesitate to bless yourself, you don't need anyone else to bless you. Receiving a blessing from another is a luxury for me, I'll take it, whatever denomination. 

The way I learned we bless ourselves with white sage smoke or burning bright cedar, sometimes sweet grass and maybe a feather from a bird who helps promote a good life - a turkey feather is a safe bet. Another practice that comes from Peru is with florida water, we bring this water to our palms and clap and connect to our bodies to cleanse, reset and purify ourselves. I have also experienced a Oneness Blessing or Deeksha. 

The blessings of travel in my life have been enormous, diverse and beautiful. Learning of pujas in India and visiting ancient temples of the Maya, I consider being allowed to visit sacred spaces and ceremonies blessings as well. 

Can you see your blessings clearly now? Sometimes, when we are lost in the maya, the illusion of living we forget, we forget ourselves and how blessed (blissed) we truly are. Starting with gratitude is always a proper doorway, counting our blessings. If we work our way into a clear state of mind enough to appreciate our blessings, can we receive blessings in the form of help? Do we feel worthy of receiving a blessing, or many blessings? 

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