Wednesday, November 9, 2016


God's plan is not explained at the time. Keep praying for your policy makers and politicians and those on the front lines in conflict overseas and here in this country. When we do Shadow work, we bring the shadow to the light to unify the aspects of gold lurking in the dark, lost and forgotten. While our American shadow ass is shining to the whole world, I don't know if that's what we're going through or not. Stay tuned.
A friend mentioned that America was founded by RICH, white men who would not let those who did not have the means into "the club." No surprise. That *is* what our country was founded on, we are so much more than that - and that racial divide between the poor was intentional at the time so the "degenerates" (not rich) would not be strong together.
Anyway, trust and faith are the watchwords for today and the rest of this year as we enter the dark, grey time. Don't loose hope, don't loose your fire. I haven't put much stock in the potus one way or the other, I put stock in you. I put stock in the land.
Make something beautiful, remember your strength, talk to your Creator. There is much more going on that just this.

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