Thursday, September 8, 2016

Maintaining Good Energy

When we heal a wound, we recover energy that was directed at coping with that wound. Physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. When we heal at an energetic level, we touch on all aspects of our bodies. We recover a large amount of energy. What will we do with this "extra" energy that was originally ours to claim? How will we go about living life with a new perspective, what decisions will we make to maintain our better health from this healing work? 

We can seek healing help from others, but they can't live life for us. We must stand strong for ourselves and our families by making conscious decisions to use our energy wisely and treat ourselves well. Preparing good food and setting aside time to rest, do nothing, these are just a couple ways we can maintain "good energy."

It may seem counter-intuitive in our culture, to "do nothing." But in that nothing, you are going on "low power mode," recharging your battery for full use. Even our technology can be a reflection of our needs.

Take the time to recharge, re-consider, and re-invent yourself, a retreat once a year, or seasonally or a "mental health day" once a month for You time. Your relationships will be better for it; personal and professional. It may feel like the wrong thing to do, given our list of things that all seem important.

Putting ourselves at the top of that list has a trickle-down effect; we are able to then give from our cup to everything else in our lives that is connected to us. Another way to think about our time is to shift from doing to being. What is your "to be" list? 

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