Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our Favorite Finds

There are so many amazing offerings and people out there teaching and making medicine, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites of the moment. Please enjoy exploring these teachers, medicines and modalities! 
Julia of The Flying Cat

Bloom Post is a medicine woman of the heart, we met in April in Asheville during a beautiful weekend with Aldofo Tito Condori who shared his generational knowledge from the Q'ero of Peru. What an honor! Julia of The Flying Cat

Each essence is created with organic ingredients, blended with mountain spring water and brandy (to keep it fresh).  I gather this living water from a spring a few miles from my home and it comes straight out of the mountain.  These essences are lovingly harvested, bottled, and labeled by hand.  I spend time in ceremony with each of these offerings to empower activation and shamanic blessings, providing you with powerful support for your journey that will work deep within your most subtle layers to heal unconscious shadow energies.


It is time to remember who we truly are.  My intention is to empower you to step fully into your personal power, embrace your beautiful divine self, remember your soul purpose and live your calling. Our natural state is loving, healthy, joyful, radiant, abundant, peaceful and balanced.
These energies are alive and you have the power to tap into a deep wealth of healing, guidance and support when working with these offerings.  Please know that each essence is shared with you from my heart.  May they be of the utmost empowerment for your heart and your journey.

I have been a grateful member of the Soulodge Womens' Community for a couple years now, so glad I found it when I did. I plan to continue to learn from Pixie with Earth Medicine School in 2017! I hope you take advantage of this very last Soulodge offering from Pixie. Julia of The Flying Cat


OCTOBER 10-NOVEMBER 4 Central Oregon Womens Retreats

In this restorative 4-week SouLodge session, we leave Summer’s active aspects to honor the inward energy of Autumn: the position of West on the Medicine Wheel, Owl medicine, and the element of Water.
This session will close my six year run with online SouLodge.

I have been on the path of Healing Touch Certification for many years now, by 2018 I plan to be a Healing Touch Practitioner! I have experienced countless a-ha! moments and miracles occur as a result of this work, for myself and with others.   Julia of The Flying Cat

Click for more information about the Spiral Meditation!

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