Sunday, August 7, 2016

Feed your peaceful mind

Yoga means union. It is the constant striving to live in unity with the greater whole of our selves and each other. Your yoga practice may therefore not include asana (yoga on the mat) every day unless that is what you need to strive toward unity.
There are unlimited practices to help us find unity in each day. Our bodies are our vehicles as Humans. Asana may assist in lessening our physical suffering and clearing our karmas or stuck energy from past events. Each day is different. Each person is different. We may require a variety of practices or maybe one is all we need to connect. We are human. In having a Human experience we inherently feel separateness often, and struggle as we Forget our divine nature, the joy and love in unity, while we exist in Earthly form.

This is the dream. Manifestation is possible here, but re-membering our selves as often as possible is the goal of union. It is a practice, not one event - until death do we end our experience here. Try to remember joy in your Journey on this Earth and find delight and Peace where you can. 
This is Yoga.
Be close to the things that feed your peaceful mind - gratitude and breath.

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