Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Being Humble

Humility is not humiliation

Look, this might not be worded in a way that is attractive, but it's true. Spiritual maturity goes beyond the concept that meditation is when you listen to God speak and Prayer is when you talk to God.. 

Being humble means keeping good perspective, staying "right sized," knowing when to concede gracefully and pick your battles. What are you going to put your energy and time into that matters?

Ask to be guided if you can't figure it out. Admitting we are flawed is maturity. Accepting the human condition helps us progress. Owning up to our flaws and still doing our best is progress. It's when we stop spinning because of our "lack of perfection," we can really begin. All that extra tied up mental energy can go toward what we are guided. 

Here's the kickerif you aren't sure how or what you are being guided to, this is FAITH. Crisis is often what brings us to the crossroads of faith and despair where we have to learn our own way to Trust in the unknown

Our Guides oftentimes have a really sweet sense of humor that helps us keep it light when we take the time to listen to them. Have you met your Guides yet? 
Try a Shamanic Journey practice to connect with your guides.

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