Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Finding Center

Sometimes it's a strange feeling to know that not taking a dive out of the comfort zone is progress.

A practice of checking motives and a healthy dose of, "will this benefit me?" Is surprisingly not selfish but self-care. Trust me, if I'm stressed and unhappy, those around me and that I work for are not going to get my best self.

I turned down an opportunity I would have died to have last year and thought would be impossible 10 years ago. Irony is when the thing you desire the most becomes no more than a meh once you get some perspective.

Ultimately, this is an outgrowth of finally living into the fact that I am enough. I had to fake it for many years and "knew" it mentally before that journey from head to heart finally happened.

I am enough and not doing something is a reason to celebrate!

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