Monday, July 11, 2016

Finding Purpose

What am I doing with my life?
What should I be doing?
Why am I doing what I do... Or not do?

Seems to be a rash of this going around. Hang tight people. Breathe, meditate, don't stress, let it unfold. <3 She says to herself There's an energetic difference between the things you do for money and the things you do for the simple pleasure of doing it... then there's Guilt. Which can cause so much havoc if we are motivated from the "shoulds." Things we do for pay are quite simple, really. Here is my energy & time in exchange for these units so I may accrue more units. It's the other stuff that gets muddy. Today my solution is to sit still and wait. 20 minutes is my ideal minimum. The other day it was 15, almost 0, and last night was just going to be 15 but you know, I got into it and stayed for another 10 minutes. I read a very inspirational post a couple months ago of a man who committed to meditating 2 hours a day. I am wary of addiction alerts in my own life, places where I might try to go to "check out of reality." I try to keep close tabs on when am I checking out, or when am I doing "nothing" for the right reasons. Reading about this persons' experience started a shift in me. The more consistent I am in my meditation - no matter if it's 15 - 120 minutes - my life changes rapidly, for the better. I want to encourage you all to be gentle with yourselves and take it one day at a time, sometimes one breath at a time. This moment is all you have right now. <3 Om

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