Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Survival Archetypes

"Sacred Contracts" is a book by Caroline Myss and has been very helpful for me to understand the 4 basic survival Archetypes, including the Saboteur, Victim, Inner Child, and Prostitute. (I spent about 10 years+ living out the Shadow Victim and am living, more often than not, in the Light of the Victim)... They each fulfill a purpose, and have a light and shadow side. Most often we are familiar (if not conscious) with their Shadow aspect. "Keep in mind that, like all archetypes, their energies are essentially neutral, despite the negative connotations of their names." The Saboteur is the guardian of Choice. If you are engaging the Shadow Saboteur your are avoiding taking responsibility for your own actions. "The empowered Saboteur requires that you become aligned with your own inner Truth. When you have a strong sense of inner self-esteem, it will be difficult to be taken off your center." I personally had to work through Victim patterns before I could begin to understand how I was Sabotaging myself. Oftentimes, they all come out together and do the dance of "protecting" us from perceived harm. As children they helped us get through hard times, as adults, they harm us by keeping us acting out of disempowerment. Here's some more info on those archetypes (with a lot of expansion of the Inner Child, Saboteur and Victim are closer to the bottom of the page)

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