Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shadow Work: Shame, Victimhood & Denial

I was taught to focus on the solution, not the problem. That is the driver for me to donate to a Wildlife Sanctuary and focus on and support those who are already advocating for the change in our culture toward Respect. The V-word is almost a dirty word to me (VICTIM) it has the potential to be a self-filling fountain causing the creation of more victims rather than promote something healthy. ("Hurt people hurt people.") It can cause the perception of power to stay in the wound. Focusing on empowerment, respect and courage, these aspects can heal the "Victim" wound. It's good to know where we come from and acknowledge those parts of ourselves, searching for the W H Y is not always a waste of time, but fixating on those parts of ourselves by continually giving them energy and animation is not healthy. It's a self-defeating cycle that I believe we are stuck in as a culture.. Meanwhile, we stuff and push away those aspects as well because they're just too painful and complicated.

Denial soothes the mind, but not the wound.
I hope we, as a culture, are soon ready to move from Denial, to embrace our strengths as individuals and a collective as a force for a beautiful, healthy and vibrant world, choose to embrace our demons and grow up through them, not stuff, deny or project them onto others. A natural world and a our societal and cultural world. It's a big task being that we are a Global Culture now. It's time to claim our collective shadow. Look to what you are ashamed of and learn to love it. Start by identifying shame; shame is feeling bad about W H O YOU ARE.

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