Friday, June 24, 2016

Choosing Change

What we repeat becomes our lifestyle.  

I have found the most success by adding activities into my daily or weekly routine that overgrow old, worn-out habits and patterns. When we add, we also need to make space. By adding healthy habits, I started edging out repeated choices that were depleting me of energy or keeping me from facing my issues. These choices were based on the skills I used to cope in difficult situations which had become my lifestyle. 

What are you repeating that you would like to stop? 
What would you like to start repeating? 

As a momentary action, those things that deplete our energy will probably be okay to recover from. When we repeat those actions, they start to become a lifestyle. More than 3 times is where we begin to solidify those habits into our lives. Giving ourselves the grace of at least trying something 3 times that may be difficult to start doing but boosts our energy and self-esteem can be a manageable approach to change. Extending the grace of trying something about 6 times and you will likely have a pretty solid lifestyle change.

Meditation Challenge

Take 10 minutes or more to sit quietly and consider the things you repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, maybe even your own thoughts every hour. What new energy would you like to start repeating to bring a fresh perspective to your lifestyle and habits? Remember, you always have a choice about how to act, where to put your efforts and energy. 

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