Saturday, May 21, 2016

Painting Through the Medicine Wheel @ Art Academy of Cincinnati

A 4-week course traveling through the Medicine Wheel
Offered at the Art Academy of Cincinnati during the month of July 2016! Sign up today, space is limited.

The Medicine Wheel is a Map to help us understand where we stand in the great turning of our lives. It takes us through 4 stages of a cycle from Beginning to End. We move thorough the 4 directions (sometimes 6) one at a time. East, South, West, North (Earth & Sky when we do 6 directions).

This course is not to about a new style of painting, rather it is a process-based experience to create a medicine painting for our lives. As we travel around the Medicine Wheel and process an intent or situation through Painting we create layers intuitively. Our culminating painting contains several lessons, insights and understandings we have moved through in the 4 directions and stages of life through the Wheel.

$120.00 (Standard charge)
$108.00 (Senior, 60 and over)

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