Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Yoga Story

I found yoga when I was 15. In Ky in the 90's that was a rare blessing. Over a decade later and approaching two, I need the practice so much more now that life has taken speed. I am SO grateful to have found such a valuable foundational practice that saves me every time. 

Yoga, meditation and energy work are always my fails safes. So often I think I need external solutions and I always return back to those three things; the answers and the medicine are always internal for me. So far no one has offered a healing modality that "fixed me," it is always my job along with the guidance of intuition and Spirit. 

As life takes hold, those internal prompts can be hard to hear but it is always worth making the time and space to listen. "The further away from the altar you get the more confusing life is." Thank you to my teachers and guides who always encouraged me to follow my heart and gut. 


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