Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Shaman

Who is a Shaman? What does a Shaman do? 

The Shaman is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. So when we engage a "Shamanic Practice," we engage to build a bridge between the physical and spiritual for ourselves, the Earth and each other. This work requires that we begin a relationship with the Natural world. We may start by observing and becoming curious about patterns or animals in nature, especially those that speak to us with ease. 
We can start a Shamanic practice by simply paying attention to the natural world as it speaks to us. 

"Shaman" is a term from Siberia, a Shaman is typically the one who would heal the community and offer spiritual support. The term itself really only applies to the area it originates, but we have used this term world-wide to explain the mystic, the healer, the priest, priestesses and the elders who are close to the Spirits. 

The Shaman or Healer of the community may employ many different instruments and hire different spirits to help assist in their work. Using parts of these animals in the healing process would have been a natural way to work with the animal spirit at a time when humans were closer to the Earth on a daily basis.

The need for fertility was essential to the survival of the people. Continually emploring fertility and abundance as well as longevity by working through physical and communal illnesses would have been a full-time job for the Healer of the community.

Working with the elements and natural world as the gateway to relationship with Spirit is integral to Shamanic work.
Try a Shamanic Journey practice to connect with your guides.

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