Thursday, April 7, 2016

Healing Rain

The rain is speaking to me more and more.. and more.
It has always spoken to me. 
I met a dear friend in a Summer Storm, a sacred time of bonding. 

We knew.

Today I am alone with the rain, and it can crush me.
Before the water breaks free, the pressure bears down on the pressure I have already owned as my own. 
She's trying to crack me open. 
To crumble the stone of tendons and ligaments around my mind and mouth. 

The strain of living that gets lodged in my head when I have forgotten my body for too long.

A man whispered to me, soften, soften, soften.. over the course of several days, his medicine seeped into my skin, into my being. 
I am echoes of soften, soften, soften... 

Approach with care, look with love, soften your mouth, your mind..

April is here and she is bringing in winds of change, rains of awakening, it's time.
This pressure, it's a message. 
It speaks and says, soften, soften, soften... your mind, your mouth, your heart.

Poco a poco.. Little by little.. 

Here is the time, here is the place to soften, soften, soften..
With Love, Julia

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