Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Equinox Celebration

In honor of the balance and union between the dark and light cycles of the year, Alexis O’Brien guides a community gathering of yogis, seekers, healers and musicians through an evening of meditation, yoga, and group energy healing.

This gathering will be held at the Jacob Hoffner Park shelter in Northside unless the weekend forcast seems unsuitable for an outdoor practice. (Please refer to alexiscobrien.com on 3/18 for alternate location details if inclement or very cold weather is expected.)

BYOM (Bring Your Own Yoga Mat)
Gift ecomonty donation*

During this gathering we will use mindfulness practices to move with the celestial rhythms of “equal day, equal night” around us and begin to attune to the same sort of balanced energies inside of us. By turning our attention inward, we will invite our awareness out of its reflective wintry state and into its proactive springtime state, all while making space in our bodies and lives to manifest outward expressions of our formless selves and truest gifts.

If you feel so moved, please bring an object you hold dear to place on our community altar during practice. Natural objects (like (gem)stones, feathers or flowers), photographs, malas, statuettes, or any other special item will reinforce your sacred space among the group. This object will be filled with the spiritual energy and love of our ceremony and will later serve as a memory and sacred vessel from this year’s seasonal shift.


*This is a gift economy gathering with suggested donation of $20. If you’re able to give more, wonderful! If you’re not able to give as much, that’s wonderful too! Your presence is gift enough and we can’t wait to see you there.

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