Friday, March 11, 2016

Physical Support of Your Root Chakra

A healthy physical inner life starts with our Gut. How can you support for your digestive with nutrition?

If our digestive tract is not absorbing nutrients properly we can eat all the healthy food in the world but not be able to "digest" it properly - physically, emotionally, energetically.

Speaking to your food, giving thanks for it's journey to your plate and the hands that made it is one great way to start that relationship of absorption. Ready your body to receive. Speaking for myself, I eat so fast I'm not usually present with the food I'm eating! Usually in front of the tv or computer, there's a simple area I can SLOW DOWN and connect.
That is really the message of the Root Chakra.. SLOW DOWN. Turtle will be our guide in this arena. How to have a better relationship with Mother Earth and SLOW DOWN so we can simply be. 

What ways can you slow down a little in life and be more present?

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