Monday, February 1, 2016

Painting Through the Medicine Wheel

Painting Through the Medicine Wheel - A 4-week course traveling through the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel: 
 The Medicine Wheel is a Map to help us understand where we stand in the great turning of our lives. It takes us through 4 stages of a cycle from Beginning to End. We move thorough the 4 directions (sometimes 6) one at a time. East, South, West, North (Earth & Sky when we do 6 directions). 
 Painting Through the Medicine Wheel is a 4-week course (3 hours a week) traveling through one direction per week with homework to explore Animal Totems and concepts. I will also offer Shamanic Journey, Yoga & Chakra Meditation as parts of this course for people to receive images and insights. 
 This course is not to teach us how to learn a new style of painting, rather it is a process-based experience to create a medicine painting for our lives. As we travel around the Medicine Wheel and process an intent or situation through Painting we create layers intuitively. 
 The end painting contains several lessons, insights and understandings we have moved through in the 4 directions and stages of life through the Wheel. 
 Here is one of my paintings that emerged through this process and the story:

Winter Solstice - Raven Art Print Heralding the New Year -- I went for a walk in the woods the day before Winter Solstice 2014 and stumbled upon a Raven Convention! Hundreds of Ravens cawing between stands of trees and little me on the trail. I read into the event (asked my Guides about it) and understood that they were just having a meet up before the New Year, talking about the next year to come - Solstice to Solstice. 
 This painting was created the next day (On Winter Solstice 2014) through an intuitive process around the Medicine Wheel in just a few hours. Each direction on the Medicine Wheel helps us understand life from a different perspective and by the North (we always start in the East and turn sunrise), we have a holistic view of our Journey. 
 The Raven came forward toward the very end of this session and surprised me with the reminder of the day before and the great gathering of caws and black feathers I experienced, a memory I will never forget!