Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fire Festival

Imbolc is one of the cross-quarter holidays on the Wheel of the Year. All cross-quarter holidays are considered Fire Festivals. 

We will light the fire to hearken the awakening of the earth as the sap rises in the trees -- while this is not apparent to us externally, be sure the heat beginning to blossom.
We can also work with the fire to cleanse and purify our path as we begin to think about the goals we want to achieve with our own awakening energy and excitement as Spring approaches.
This is an appropriate time to bless all your candles for usage through the year-- it is also know as Candlemas. It is also known as St. Brigid's Holiday -- Brigid is the patroness of poetry helping you ignite your creativity.
And let's not forgot Groundhog Day, taking the ancient observance of watching when Bears come out of their dens as a signal that Spring is near.