Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Confusion is part of the Journey!

Feeling confused in life lately? Lost? Unclear? No worries. That's exactly what is supposed to be happening right now. Your Shadow may even be coming up for you in a big way, trying to "help" you feel safe and in the illusion of control -- but with consequences.
"Surrender" just might be the hardest thing you'll do but on the other end is peace and security. Ironic isn't it? This particular wave of energy should be calming down in February where things will land and start to braid together a new path for you to walk in a completely different way than you have ever done before.
Gentler, calmer, more in step with your unique "right" path in this world. Make no mistake, you have choices, always. But the decision to surrender and walk with intent to be in line with your work in this world will help you arrive sooner at this time.
We're all going to end up "there," but it's up to us what that path looks like.
What things are you considering walking into on your new path in 2016? Remember to be in no hurry, just play in your dreams for now, go inward and let it unfold in the outward. You are not alone and you definitely do not have to "do it all" on your own.
Surrender. Breathe. Pause. Love 
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