Monday, November 9, 2015

My Dojo

Yoga gave me a sense of connectedness, calm and peace that I could not get in food or tv or a bottle. It is a gentle process that allows me to confront my own issues by breathing and moving, sometimes by breathing and not moving. The practice of taking about an hour, more or less, gives time. 

I have cried on my mat, I have smiled, giggled like a child and flown on my mat, my magic carpet, my prayer rug, my adversary at times. I stand upside down on my mat and I understand that I am in my dojo. I am training for the path of a peaceful warrior, no matter how short I feel in my life, coming to my mat helps me at least turn the direction my heart wants to go. 

This kind of practice and training is not for everyone but I hope that everyone finds their dojo. It is not found through consumption on a plate, in a store, on a screen or in a bottle, or even in a particular physical place. It is within, that space is created because it is inside you. 


~Julia, owner of The Flying Cat