Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Grace through Transition

Art by Jessica Perlstein

I did "my way" last night... Yoga asana and then Journey... so nice. I learned many things but this I want to share about Snake--

She is most vulnerable while shedding her skin. 'I know this,' I thought, but I see her in process.. she must feel SAFE and secure before it begins. And while the process happens, she is blind, totally trusting that she will be okay. As a human being, I can be my most armored --in shadow-- when I am feeling vulnerable or triggered, prickly, snappy and cranky. Barbs. Fight, flight or freeze.

I must feel SAFE before I can open up to the state of transition or vulnerability. No one outside of me can help me feel safe in the way I need. It is up to me and my higher self. I may want to (cope) hide in a hole (Stay in bed), go deep in the woods, or turn inward somehow (swim, walk, drive, run away!).... But it is a process of transformation. Gratitude for this process, thankfulness for what was and what is yet to come. Being in between. Letting go of the known in favor of growth and opening to the mystery of the "next life."

Here we go again! What will this life become? So far, when I surrender and look back, it is far more amazing than I ever could have imagined. When I don't try to control it, let it unfold and walk with Creator, walk with the Spirit of the Nature within me... I might find a little Grace through the dance.