Monday, September 14, 2015

Sacred Plants: Tobacco

Today we'll be exploring tobacco, a pretty controversial plant in our modern-day society. I think to some extent it has been demonized while paradoxically being used in a way that is unhealthy but totally acceptable. The plant is neither negative or positive, our intent is the distinction. We can use these plants with care and healing intent or we can use them for "fun" and thoughtlessly. When we repeatedly use them in this way it becomes abusive, in time our bodies pay the price.

There are many different ways to use tobacco and all the plants, smoking is one way. It is said that when you smoke tobacco the Spirits come to hear your prayers so when you do it carelessly they stop taking you seriously. One option I've heard is to say "this is just for fun," every time so the Spirits know you aren't asking for help.

We will go in-depth tonight and make prayer ties for our 6-week course. See you soon!