Saturday, June 13, 2015

The pitfalls of Journaling

Dear God, 

Thanks for the Life. Number 1, thanks for designing me with absolutely no doubt as to my purpose on this planet, that's a huge relief.. now as far as the process, that's another story.... Let's talk.

Unintentionally, I started reviewing my last journal today.. it simply came to the end of it's life... I always leave a couple blank pages at the end, don't know why.... Originally, I started journaling "Morning Pages" a la The Artists Way and basically stayed that way for about 5+ years.. the exercise is to fill 3 pages with nothing, mind garbage. 

And never read them again!!! 

Well.. that's not exactly how it worked out. Oh, and you're supposed to move on to other exercises, well maybe now I'm ready. Ha 

Upon reviewing the last year and a half I'm making the executive decision to start my journals with "Dear God," rather than Mind DUMP. I expect I'll have some richer entries this way and a little more respect for my life. The first entry went a little something like the aforementioned. 

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