Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Totem Animals: Cats

Let us pray for the animals, for they cannot pray for themselves.
Here's some tips - think about the food chain. Is your animal at the top, somewhere in the middle or on the bottom? Always good to have a top predator for protection, but so much to learn from all aspects. Even bugs and germs! Cats as so many of you know, is one of my totems, since childhood. Cats were a source of comfort and friendship for me at times I felt isolated. Big Cats are major predators, top of the food chain, and do fantastic work of alchemizing. Jaguars, in particular are found in the West on the Peruvian medicine wheel and will help us with our Hoocha (heavy energy) turning our dense energy into GOLD. Something fertile, something useful when we offer it in an appropriate way. They are great protectors, of course, OWNING their territory - their energy fields take up the entire breadth of their marked territory.. this includes house cats, whose energy fields fill the entire house. That's how Kitty knows when there is a mouse in the basement when she's upstairs and suddenly bolts or looks around, any disturbance in the force, and they are aware right away. (of course not all Kittehs are that sensitive or vigilant but they all have their gifts!) There is speculation that Cats were never domesticated like Dogs. Cats domesticated us by coming inside where there were mice and doing the job they do best and simply moved in from there. Cats and other pets are very sensitive to Energy Work and Essential Oils. There are certain essential oils cats simply can not process and can do damage to their livers and bodily functions. Please be very careful when using EOs around your pets. Very simple ways to work with your pet's energy is to send white light into their hearts or any energy centers you sense are depleted or malfunctioning. If they pull away or seem uncomfortable, stop and try another time. More often than not, they will soak it up like a sponge. <3 Let us pray for the animals, for they cannot pray for themselves. Love, Juila Cat Martin

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