Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Make some Waves!

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A drop in the water creates ripples. Every drop, no matter how big or small. Your thoughts, actions, non-actions and words create ripples. What kind of effect do you choose to have? We can only control ourselves and our intent, when those words and actions go into the world, they are open to interpretation and people take them in through their own filter.

An action or word coming from pure love, can still be mis-interpreted. But the ripples are true and will be felt even if they are not recognized.

Now imagine joining a group that is already causing ripples, add yourself to the equation and the ripples will be bigger causing big change! In time, the ripples become big waves that travel to the ends of the earth and back again creating rhythm.

What we feed grows momentum, inside and out. Ripples or vortices, however you want to experience the world, notice what you are feeding, what has momentum in your life, what is rippling and affecting others.

Awareness, Acceptance, then Action. No judgement, only awareness, begin here. The beginning of change is often chaos, self-doubt. Know that when you start making ripples, people might not like it or want you to stop. If you are clear in intent and connected for the highest good, go for it! Your change may be what they need.

And know too, that being in it "together" - find support - will help give you that momentum oftentimes, pad you from chaos and other ripples so you can focus and be supported.

Make some Waves!

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