Thursday, January 8, 2015

Knowing when to Take a Break

It's -2 degrees outside! Here's an idea -
Let's take care of ourselves BEFORE we get sick! Stay home. Use essential oils. Do some Yoga. Listen to some relaxing music. Cuddle in bed with your furry friends. Or just 10 deep breaths - a little bit goes a Long way.

First signs of burn out?
Monkey Mind. Have. To. Do. It. All. Now. Shallow Breath.
Your sympathetic nervous system is on Fight or Flight response which was not designed to be on as much as our world pushes it to be. Your adrenals are being taxed for all that GO GO GO and many people later in their careers end up with adrenal fatigue or even failure. Take care of yourself before it becomes and issue.

10 deep breaths help your parasympathetic nervous system get the message it's time to relax and calm, rejuvenate and restore. Integrate the practice before burnout becomes a reality.

Fixation, obsession, trying to control. Of course many of us have deadlines, and dare I say, those of us who don't have deadlines might burn out faster given that we make our own timelines and are running willy nilly trying to forge a path for ourselves. Knowing when to stop is not as easy when you have a clear-cut schedule, manager and projects laid out for you.

When the yuck spills out
We are well beyond the point of needing some self-care when our Yuck spills out on others. When we are short-tempered or hyper-critical. It's time to stop. Take a shower, take a break, take a walk. Get Centered again. Say a few words of prayer. Ask for help!

How to take a Break
Ask for Help! We were not meant to live life alone. Of course we all have personalities that vacillate from one end of the social spectrum to another, but at the end of the day, don't you feel better knowing someone's got your back? Here's a little tough-love for you - if you don't think you're worthy of support - try it, what do you have to lose?

Taking the Time - Pick One
Stretch for a few minutes
Short walk
Gratitude List
Read a book
Have some Tea
Skip the TV
Rub your Feet
Phone a friend
Hug your Dog

Support Yourself
What would you do to support yourself if you were already sick? Be a little gentler, a little kinder and to feed yourself healthier things - food, thoughts and activities. Being a little more mindful about what you consume, in all aspects:
More Water • Brothy Soup • Easy to digest foods • Healthy Snacks • Suppliments

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