Sunday, January 18, 2015

Journey Mondays

We start Journey tomorrow. I am SO looking forward to a new class of mostly new folks. To introduce them or support them if they have a practice already.

It's been such a beautiful unfolding of rich experience and community. I enjoy being a space-holder and wow people have been coming back at me with how much *I* helped them and inspired them and they want to share their goodness and gifts now!

Well. *I* definitely do not feel I deserve much if any credit for anything like that. I am a space-holder, I bring the information together and present it and I have enough guts to do that but it's only because I was supported so beautifully by those who loved me unconditionally while I learned who I was and cleared the negativity out of my mind, heart and body. Which is always a process unfolding, but finding my own platform of strength to get my legs came from those who supported and inspired me - the unknown Yoga teacher who gave a class that *I* wanted to give to others, the very known teachers who passed on their knowledge and lineage of Healing and Connectedness to Spirit while remaining Human.

Receiving a compliment is one thing, it's also clear to stay humble and know your place. I hope I am finding a balance with that and when I do receive a compliment about this work - it's a log I've been given to throw on the fire to fuel more of this work. It goes in the pot for others, reinforced by the external that YES, it's needed, it's good, it's right and take another step forward. Keep going.

<3 to you and looking forward to tomorrow's class!

Julia - owner of The Flying Cat

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