Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travel Asana

I dream big. I get overwhelmed. My dreams often come true, when I take a moment to look back, it just takes longer than I want it to. I have about a million and a half projects started always. Everything seems to come up together.

Travelogues on Red Bubble

One aspect of my life has been travel. Europe, India, Singapore, Mexico, Belize, Canada and various parts of the US.... There's still lots of places I wish to go but living hand to mouth is kind of crushing those dreams right now. Owning my own business and working for myself is not exactly financial security, but I can't imagine my life any other way.

"Travelogues" is a series I am working on at the moment, it encompasses images from the places I have been and sketches of those I wish to go to.

Right now my little fantasy of travel would be to go back to Paris but spend most of my time in the French countryside visiting artist colonies.

My big fantasy is some awesome older lady that wants me to travel with her as her personal yoga instructor and energy worker to France a couple months out of a year. (Anybody know her?)

Redbubble is a pretty awesome place, I plan to utilize it more for myself ~ I have started by posting photos of my travels for sale as prints, cards, canvas reproductions, etc. They're a little pricey, but require absolutely no fees and it's a clean set up to conglomerate all my images.

Travelogues on Red Bubble

Beyond that I plan to make about a trillion sketches and paintings of the Eiffel Tower.

While we're at it, I might as well post my dream list of places I wish to go or feel called to visit.

India (revisit)
Mexico (do-over!) & Guatemala

Basically anywhere I have been attracted to the Spiritual practices of the original people (as much as we can tell) and the Land.. So I'm not really sure how France fits into that equation.. I'm not really into wine like that, you know.