Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Chakra" means "Wheel"

Your chakras are energy vortices which process energy. When they are spinning clockwise and open about 4-6" you have a healthy processing center.

We have countless energy vortices (Nadis) all over your body, the 7 major processing centers line up with our Endocrine system and help the multiple systems of our bodies function optimally.

Chinese medicine focuses on influencing our Nadis to restore balance to the matrix of our body and life. Peruvian Shamanic tradition the energy centers come down to 4 major areas with an additional center of "self."

Most all ancient traditions acknowledge the human energy field experience in one form or another. All beings have Chakras, Nadis and Energy Fields, including animals and the Earth.

The Wheel is an ancient symbol and has been used to explain the experience of Samsara ~ living the cycle of life and death each lifetime, in fact, in each day.

Daily support of your major chakra systems can support a healthy and optimal daily life. Care of your energy centers could be as routine as brushing your teeth. Energy imbalances in the body left too long eventually become dis-ease of the physical body.

Everyone is able to learn simple techniques to harmonize their energy centers and ultimately their energy, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

Join us at The Flying Cat for the Chakra Workshop to learn more! 

June 28th from 1-3pm

Call or Email to RSVP ~ JuliaCatherineMartin @ or 859•380•7609