Saturday, January 18, 2014


Being Happy is a Choice
What are you grateful for? 
So often we are consumed by what we lack or desire. 
Let's start focusing on how abundant our lives already are!

Gratitude is Good Medicine. Appreciation takes Practice. Being Happy is a Choice. Gratitude will change your life. 

Appreciation Journal

5 things your'e grateful for at the end of the day, maybe 1 thing you could have done better?

Text Your Friends

Text one thing you're grateful for every night, ask your friend to do the same.

Monthly Review 

At the end of each month we share the things we are grateful for from that month, and our hopes for the month to come.

Gratitude is Good Medicine.
Appreciation takes Practice.
Being Happy is a Choice.
Gratitude will change your life.

Tell us what you're grateful for!