Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Expand Your Vision

I am excited to be partnering with Rachel Grubbs DesRoschers of Grateful Grahams! This upcoming workshop is about expanding your vision. I will be offering Yoga throughout the Vision Building Process. 

As this new year begins allow yourself to work not only with a strong community but also with the highest vision of your life. 

Vision boards are used to increase the subconscious to allow you to have a visual for goals, inspirations, and visions for your year. 

For me personally I love having my vision board in an area in the house so that I see it every day, a gentle reminder of who I am becoming. 

We will integrate into the 4 hour session yoga for 15 minutes every hour to help us to relax, tune into our beings, and create our highest visions for our life. 

What to bring:
Water bottle
Yoga Mat if you have one
Any magazines you have you would like to contribute

What will be provided:
Tape, glue, and boards for VB
A certified Yoga teacher
Snacks- fruits, nuts, hot tea - think healthy and raw!

This workshop is $25 per person 
Limited to 30 people
1 scholarship will be offered PER 10 attending, so a possible of 3 scholarships offered.

This event is open to the public

Link to Event Details on Facebook
Payment for Vision Building Workshop
If you would like to pay by cash or check contact us!

Thank you for your willingness to receive this time for your life. 
Health, Help, and Happiness to you!