Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hunter's Moon, 1st Friday

Still plugging away at the floor, got a new-to-us water heater yesterday!  We have had our classes in an alternate location for this week and hope to be ready to roll (around on the floor) for Monday's 7:30 Vinyasa Class!

1st Friday is creeping up on us, and although the Village and Covington are not "officially" doing a Gallery hop, we do plan to be open for another round of viewing our Sugar Skull show and to host an open house for those who would like to visit, meet our yoga community!

We are toying with the idea of having a beta-Chakra workshop, but may need to push that back for December's 1st Friday.. We shall see what the week brings!

Hope to see you there, either way.

Enjoy the Hunter's Moon (full moon October 29th)!

Hunter's Moon or Sanguine Moon is the moon following the moon after the Fall Equinox.  Mythology states that this moon helped hunters find extra prey by it's light to stock up for the winter months ahead.

Use this beautiful moon to help you remember to take it easy as we are all in transition, you may find the shifting in hours of light may throw you off, cause slight depression or maybe even the urge to clean everything as you shift to winterize your life.

Be aware!  This is an excellent time to slow down and take better care of yourself, transition is never easy but it doesn't have to be painful.  Creating rituals for your life through seasonal changes can be one way to pay attention to and even look forward to the shifts of the seasons.

We often become different people in each different season, if you take a little time to meditate, journal or reflect on this concept, you may find ways to help yourself shift a little more smoothly and honor your shifting sense of self!

Something as small as lighting a candle, burning your favorite incense or taking a relaxing bath can also serve to ease your shift.  Keep it Simple!