Thursday, July 29, 2010

Painting Party!

The team here at The Flying Cat decided to close the shop for a few weeks to complete some much needed renovation projects.  We will re-open in time for the Hybrid Moments show opening on the first Friday in September.

The first thing tackled was taming that floor!  Sorry, I don't have pictures of the floor transformation, but I assure you, it looks much better.  It is now a glossy black.  By the time our to-do list is complete, the floor may need a touch up or two, but for now, it seems to be holding it's own against our wear and tear.

Next, the walls!  I do have a few pictures of our painting party.  We decided to go with a dark blue for the bottom of the walls and a silvery blue for the top, with the exception of the gallery wall which will remain mostly white with the new dark blue as it's border.

Here are some of our lovely co-op members hard at work.

These are all the photos we have right now.  The batteries died before we could document more of the progress.  We did get much more completed than what is shown, and it looks amazing!  More pictures to come soon!

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